Allowing groups to pay together and split the cost of any transaction.

Divipay is a digital wallet that allows groups to pay together and split the cost of any transaction. Every group is issued with their own unique virtual Mastercard that can be used to split purchases anywhere, both online and instore. DiviPay works like an instant joint bank account and is more prolifically used by young couples, roommates, social millennials and group travellers. 

In a workplace setting, workers can be issued a set amount of budget which can be linked to the company's accounting software. This makes reimbursements, credit card sharing and expense reporting a much simpler process. It also provides a cheaper alternative for smaller, growing businesses that may not have the funds to use a corporate card. They currently have signed 36 businesses which includes 300 individual users of the digital credit card. 

Now in conjunction with ApplePay, Divipay allows companies to add their virtual mastercard into their Apple Wallet creating an even more seamless experience of finance transfers.