Entrepreneurial HDR (eHDR)

What is the Entrepreneurial HDR? 

A suite of workshops for Higher Degree Researchers (HDR) to define potential pathways to social, economic, cultural and environmental impact, and build basic capabilities in critical interpersonal and technical skills required for taking action to create change in the world.

Aims to build HDR’s skills in Discovery, Translation, Application and Commercialisation.

It is UNSW’s ambition to be regarded as Australia’s pre-eminent entrepreneurial university. We are on a mission to ensure our innovation and discoveries translate to real-world outcomes, and to inspire and nurture entrepreneurs to create value and solutions that deliver positive impacts.

The Entrepreneurial HDR (eHDR) aims to support the UNSW 2025 commitments. This program specifically addresses the following points:

  • Research Impact - through the generation of new knowledge applied to solve complex problems, deliver social benefits and drive economic prosperity, locally, nationally and globally. 
  • A significant contribution to national and global prosperity - through innovative, transformative partnerships with community, industry, government and our alumni, facilitating the translation of research and education into economic and social benefits. 

UNSW Higher Degree Researchers (HDRs) – current and alumni. Higher Degree Researchers include Masters of Philosophy, Masters of Research and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidates. Note: currently enrolled HDR candidates must continue their research degree and aim to submit their thesis while undertaking the eHDR.

UNSW Founders, in partnership with Knowledge Exchange has a separate program (Research Making Impact) for Post Docs and Academics which you can access here.

Create opportunities and connections that will increase your visibility in both academia and the wider community. 

Participate if you:

  • Wish to discover alternative pathways to research impact, building partnerships for change. Build your knowledge over a period of time.     
  • Are on the path to commercialisation and need additional support in business, network and structures to prepare your startup for the revenue stage. Build your business over a short period of time.  
  • Have or are ready to submit your thesis and are looking to expand your future opportunities during the submission/response period. Build your knowledge over a short period of time.    

Participants who complete the six (6) modules, an interactive coaching session and interactive pitching session will be eligible for a UNSW approved digital badge that can be added to your LinkedIn profile, see the participant guide for further details. Don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Sign up here for the next ‘LinkedIn for Researchers’ session.  

The eHDR has three stages.  

Stage one covers setting yourself up for success which will look at identifying problems and building a knowledge base to understand and decide on impact goals. You will have access to successful HDR stories and events to broaden your understanding of research impact.  

Stage two helps to validate your decision making, building skills and practical experiences to test and confirm the stage one insights and learnings. Stage two will deliver opportunities to be mentored by an Impact Champion (entrepreneurially minded peer or academic). 

Stage three will build your communication capability and introduce industry partners to help support you to achieve your research impact goals.  

The eHDR incorporates remote learning (self-paced) modules and interactive workshops. There is a suggested pathway but HDR’s may choose the order in which they complete the modules.  

To successfully complete the eHDR you must complete the six modules. These modules are:

  • Is your research a problem worth solving? 
  • Rapid Research 
  • Research Lean Canvas 
  • Key Value Proposition 
  • Stakeholders, Partnerships, Impact 
  • Pitching your Research: Communicating an Idea 

Participants must attend one Coach & Connect session for a one-on-one pathway discussion, as well as one Pitching session for one-on-one presentation practice – both, are on-demand offerings. To establish learnings and gain user insights participants will be required to complete a self-assessment at the beginning and end of the eHDR.  

*Some UNSW Founders modules/workshops can be interchanged with eHDR modules/workshops – please discuss with the eHDR administrators. 

Participation in the Entrepreneurial HDR is subject to the participant guidelines and UNSW policies and procedures.  

A Teams group has been created for the eHDR community with channels for discussion, feedback, events, and opportunities.

Regular communication about the eHDR and offerings will be made through the Teams group not via email. Active participation in the Teams group will provide benefits beyond the education and skills suite.

Members of the group are not required to participate in the eHDR modules and workshops.

Sign-ups through the Expression of Interest form will be added to the Teams group weekly.  

A range of other workshops will be available.

eHDR specific workshops include: 

  • Observations, interviews and asking the right questions 
  • Creative problem solving (Creativity Techniques) 
  • Values, vision and finding partners 
  • Presentation practice – modifying for different audiences 

Open workshops include all UNSW Founders workshop offerings including: 

  • Rapid prototyping for formative feedback 
  • Creative leadership 

The Entrepreneurial HDR (eHDR) launches in September 2020. From August 2020 the Expression of Interest is available. The eHDR is self-paced and as such can be completed at any time. Interactive workshops will be made available regularly.  

The Entrepreneurial HDR is run by UNSW Founders with support from the Graduate Research School, Knowledge Exchange and other university divisions.  

If you have questions please direct them to founders@unsw.edu.au with the subject line eHDR.