Hack, prototype & ideate at MCIC





What is MCIC Foundations?

New to entrepreneurship? No problem! MCIC Foundations run events and workshops to introduce you to methodologies of entrepreneurship, creative thinking and making.

Learn creative problem-solving techniques, how to design user-centric solutions and communicate your idea or message for maximum impact.

Explore and develop your ideas in the MCIC Makerspace. Learn how to make through workshops to upskill in CAD, 3D printing, laser cutting, Arduino and more. It all begins with a Makerspace Safety Induction to get you familiar with the best practice use of the equipment, tools and tech of the Makerspace.

And if you've already got an idea to solve a problem join a Digital Lean Canvas workshop, or join the Peter Farrell Cup

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Entrepreneurial Endeavours is a suite of 1-2 hour workshops designed to help introduce you to the methodologies of entrepreneurship, creative thinking and problem solving and making.

Delivered in a supportive and collaborative environment, these workshops allow participants to hack, design, prototype and tinker, to help build skills and unleash the inner entrepreneur. 

Foundations Volunteers work on projects to support entrepreneurial skill building, innovation and making. You will have the opportunity to learn new skills, be part of exclusive Founders events and workshops. 

Join our fun and supportive entrepreneurial community today! This program is open to current UNSW students. 


A Hackathon is a 1-2 day competitive and immersive learning experience where individuals come together to create solutions from scratch by ideating, prototyping, testing and gathering feedback from subject matter mentors.

MCIC Foundations partner with faculties, research centres, key external organisations and UNSW clubs and societies to bring together likeminded people who are passionate about solving real world problems.