Laura Earl

UNSW Founders MCIC Foundations Program Manager

Hi, I’m Laura, MCIC Foundations Program Manager. I work with students, staff and alumni to learn the skills to quickly learn, test and develop business ideas to see if they are worth pursuing. I can assist you to discover the simplest way to achieve the startup outcomes you desire. I’m also a pitch coach, have worked with probably 100 teams this year alone to make sure their content, deck and pitch are clear, concise and accessible by any audience – my boss is making me a ‘brutally honest’ t-shirt (I figure it doesn’t help you to not be.)

I launched my startup back in 2011 in digital publishing after working in the industry and discovering a gap in the market. In 2013, I sold the brand to another Australian startup and since then have worked to assist other teams with all the learnings that would have helped me through the journey. We didn’t have awesome University support programs like the UNSW Founders program back then which would have helped avoid some of the issues I faced.

I love a pun and if I can work one into our session I will! I’ll do whatever I can to help you be successful.

My recommendations:

READ - ALPHA Girls by Julian Guthrie – the story of some of the first women in Silicon Valley. I enjoyed this book as it gave a great background to some of the startups we all know but also was helpful for learning terms and insights into the venture capital world.

LISTEN - The Happiness Lab with Dr Laurie Santos – it’s so important to maintain a healthy mind when considering founding a startup. A great discussion starter for what your values are and how you would handle different situations.