MCIC Foundations Student Volunteer Program

What is MCIC Foundations Student Volunteer Program?

Do you:

  • Like discovering better ways of doing things and learning new skills?
  • Have an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation? 
  • Want to be part of a fun, supportive and collaborative community?
  • Have the ability to self-motivate? 

If so, and you are a current UNSW student, then the MCIC Foundations Student Volunteer Program is for you!

MCIC Foundations Student Volunteers support the UNSW Founders Program by working on projects, that allow participants to gain new skills, be exposed to exclusive Founders events / workshops and become part of UNSW’s fun and supportive entrepreneurial community.

MCIC Foundations is the initial stage of the UNSW Founders program, which provides staff, students and alumni with foundational skills to pursue, launch and grow their entrepreneurial dreams. 

From short, informal events and workshops such as woodwork, fabrication, zero waste and creative problem-solving workshops, hackathons and pitch nights to 2-5-week pre-accelerator programs through to the 10-week flagship accelerator program UNSW Founders has something to spark inspiration and ignite the inner the entrepreneur. 

As an MCIC Foundations Volunteer, you will be expected to complete a minimum of 20-hours per term (2-hours per week for each of the 10-weeks of term) to ensure optimal outcomes on the chosen volunteer project. A minimum of 20-hours volunteering per year is required to qualify for AHEGS recognition.  

Volunteer Projects and Roles for Term 1 2020

Volunteer projects for Term 1 2020 (Monday 17 February – Friday 16 May 2020) range from sustainability to designing making mini-kits for users of the MCIC Makerspace. Each project must have at least three volunteers to ensure optimal outcomes. 

Volunteers can nominate to take on one of the below leadership roles on their chosen volunteer project: 

  • Project CEO (Chief Executive Officer) - responsible for overseeing the project outputs against timeline and reporting 
  • Project CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) - responsible for capturing images and creating digital marketing to document the project development and bring the project to life 
  • Project COO (Chief Operations Officer) - responsible for coordinating when the volunteer team will meet, budget management/tracking, materials and resources needed. 

Teams are expected to be self-led with a MCIC Foundations staff member offering instruction, guidance, budget information, etc. with the team providing updates in the project progress back to the MCIC Foundations team.

Projects for Term 1 2020


Create a kit for Makerspace users, or Founders stakeholders, with different skill levels that will enable them to learn and make something. This may include a CAD file, some material and instructions for using laser cutter and stitching material. The kit items are expected to be similar to the leather wallet, luggage tag and pencil case. The number of mini kits created will be determined by the MCIC staff lead.


  • Using existing and new still and moving imagery create digital signage, show-reels, stop motion to be used in MCIC 
  • Create a week by week digital calendar that will display when the MCIC spaces are occupied with events 
  • Research and write interesting stories for the MCIC newsletter 
  • Create simple graphics and infographics – as needed by the MCIC team.


Design and make a fun Founders robot that will sit in the window of the MCIC Makerspace and wave to passers-by to grab their attention and cause them to check out the Makerspace. 


Research and design sustainable practices to eliminate, reduce or reuse waste, and if applicable make products. There is also a possibility for the Sustainability Volunteer Project team to hold a sustainability workshop for the Founders community to share and educate on what has been learned or created. This project will also continue the work of the term 2 sustainability initiatives aligned to zero waste principles.  

How to Apply

Complete the 'T1 2020 MCIC Foundations Volunteer Program' application form ( and a MCIC Foundations team member will be in contact with you.