Microsoft for Startups

Service profile: Founder-first program that delivers the technology, go-to-market, and community benefits needed to catalyse startup success.

Perk details:

Cloud Technologies:

  • Up to $120,000 of free Azure Cloud for 2 years
  • Microsoft Power Platform (coming soon)
  • Office 365 (with Microsoft Teams)
  • Dynamics 365 Developer Tools: GitHub Enterprise & Visual Studio

Enterprise Technical Support:

  • Unlimited 24x7 technical, billing and subscription support.
  • Work one-on-one with a Microsoft Engineer to architect, design, implement, migrate, or grow your applications.

Business Enablement:

  • Customised Go-To-Market plan tailored to your business.
  • Bidirectional qualified lead-sharing.
  • Go-To-Market and joint-selling opportunities.
  • Dedicated Success Manager support.
  • Quarterly account planning.
  • Customer access events.
  • Promotion via PR and social media.


  • Offering an innovative technical solution that supports customers in their digital transformation
  • Less than seven years in existence - less than $25M in total annual revenue
  • Seed, Series A, B, or C stage (or validated equivalent) - further terms and conditions:

Eligibility: All UNSW Founders Programs

How do I get access? Get access through booking a Coach & Connect session


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