MCIC creates sustainable solutions to plastic waste

If you've walked past the MCIC, you might've noticed something that looks like floating plastic bottles filled with dirt through the windows, but its much more than that. This week, the team at the MCIC have created a green installation, aimed to promote how accessible it is to create a sustainable and environmentally-friendly culture at UNSW. 


Starting off with a simple idea, James Tawadros, resident MCIC fabrication manager, designed the structure through CAD software. Plastic bottles are re-used and cut to fill in soil for plants which are hung up through wiring. Using the tools at the Makerspace, he was then able to 3D print swages to attach on the wires. These swages are adjustable, allowing the arrangement of plants to be moved easily and with low maintenance. 


A Green Future 

The MCIC team hopes to create more of these plant structures in the future. Some include a flower arrangement of various colours, similar to a rainbow, to promote the amazing diversity of UNSW and an edible plant garden, further advocating for self-sufficient sustainability. 

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