Patricia Holdings

Service Profile: With over 53 years of experience, Patricia Holdings has helped over 250,000 companies get started. We can help you:

  • Register a company with ASIC and prepare company register documentation
  • Prepare lodgements and paperwork with ASIC
  • Prepare Annual Company Review packets for Australian companies
  • Prepare trust deed documentation for trading or investment purposes
  • Apply for ABNs, TFNs, GST and PAYG with the ATO
  • Apply for Business Names with ASIC
  • Process stamp duty on trusts executed in NSW or Victoria

Through our subscription products, we can also help you with your ongoing ASIC Compliance allowing you to spend more time focusing on your startup.

Perk details: 50% off service fees for online Company Registrations.

Criteria: No specific criteria.

Eligibility: All UNSW Founders

How do I get access? Get access through booking a Coach & Connect session.

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