UNSW Founders program participants can access over $1 million worth of exclusive perks at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey. Carefully curated, each perk has been selected to provide founders with ready-made solutions to address the many stages of forming and running a business from idea creation, to growth and exit. 

UNSW Founders prides itself on backing founders throughout their entire entrepreneurial journey. Beyond our pre accelerator and accelerator programs, ongoing coaching and access to our extensive networks, Founders Perks add another layer of support.  

Comprehensive in nature, the perks have been sourced from the best service providers in their respective industries – partners who truly understand the entrepreneurial landscape and needs in Australia – across many disciplines including legal, finance, marketing, operations and technology.  We also included key digital marketing and analytics platforms which have offered discounted hosting and transaction fee-free services, to enable startups to save on costs in the short-run and focus on growth and scale. 

Apart from key global and local players including Invision, AWS and Stripe, Founders Perks have also been sourced from our 10x accelerator alum, key to our ethos of providing opportunities for our founders to support each other. 

Founders Perks can be accessed through  a Coach & Connect session where you receive one-on-one support, training and advisory along your entire entrepreneurial journey and access to relevant perks along the way. 

UNSW Exclusive Founder Support



  • Stripe builds powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce. Whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform, Stripe’s APIs and functionality help you create a great product for your users. 


    Perk eligibility:

Product & Analytics