The UNSW Founders Health 10x Demo Night was held on 4 November 2020.

Meet the teams who pitched here.

UNSW Founders and The George Institute for Global Health have partnered to deliver a unique national program with a focus on accelerating the business growth of startups whose innovation addresses major health challenges in emerging and underserved markets, particularly the burden of NCDs or injury.

Health 10x accelerator program video

"Health 10x has been a tremendous catalyst for our growth! The team at Health 10x helped us develop new connections, accelerated our development, and increased our exposure locally and abroad. This is definitely the program for med-tech entrepreneurs who are looking to build a successful business."

BeacoHealth Alumni Health 10x 2019 

Health 10x is a unique accelerator program dedicated to accelerating the business growth of startups whose product or service addresses the burden of NCDs or injury in emerging and underserved markets, particularly in low and middle income countries (LMIC).  

The rising burden of NCDs requires Governments and the global health finance community (multi and bi-lateral institutions and large foundations) to engage synergistically with the rapidly growing entrepreneur ecosystems.  

Health 10x is a two-phase program (Pre-accelerator and Accelerator) designed and delivered by the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in partnership with The George Institute for Global Health (TGI). This partnership allows participants to leverage the deep technical expertise and networks of TGI, both in Australia and internationally, as well as the program experience and global networks of UNSW’s Entrepreneurship Unit. 

Health 10x startups will receive entrepreneurship education tailored to their level of business development, along with dedicated health modules, delivered by subject matter experts from TGI.  


Phase 1: Health 10x Pre-Accelerator Program

If you are accepted into Health 10x Pre-Accelerator Program, you’ll receive:  

  • 10 weeks (one day per week) of tailored startup and health courses to provide participants with relevant knowledge and tools for successful commercialisation of their solution 
  • Dedicated HealthTech commercialisation modules, including Regulatory Requirements Overview and Clinical trials, developed by TGI and delivered by the key opinion leaders in the field 
  • Validation of your business idea/solution by working with experienced mentors and other startups at a similar stages of development 
  • Ongoing support from a dedicated coach.


Phase 2: Health 10x Accelerator Program

If you are accepted into the Health 10x Accelerator, you’ll receive:  

  • $20,000 seed funding as a SAFE agreement 
  • 10 weeks of accelerated learning from industry and startup experts 
  • Access to Health10x global mentorship program
  • An opportunity to participate in a series of digital events with key health innovation stakeholders in India and America
  • Access to a co-working space with UNSW Founders in Residence for 6 months after the program 
  • An opportunity to pitch your startup to investors at UNSW Founders annual 10x Demo Day.
  • Founders and co-founders of startups whose product or service addresses non-communicable diseases or injury and can be applied in underserved markets.  
  • Founders focused on making a social impact. 
  • Founders who want to become more resilient, learn how to build traction and scale  
  • Founders who want to participate in an intensive modular program. Each week you’ll learn new techniques to practice and implement.  
  • Founders keen to access UNSW’s and TGI's outstanding network of founders, alumni and mentors with domain expertise. 
  • You are a founder or co-founder of a currently operating startup. 
  • You have a proof of concept, prototype or MVP. 
  • You can commit to participating in the program for up to the full 20 weeks  
  • (1 day per week in the 10 week Health 10x Pre-Accelerator Program and working full-time on your startup during the 10 week Health 10x Accelerator program). 
  • You are prepared to sign the Founders Pledge to give back to the UNSW Entrepreneurship community. 

Program Participants

  • 20 teams selected to participate in 10 week pre-accelerator program.   
  • 6 teams with advanced ideas graduate to the 10 week flagship Health10x accelerator. 

Key Dates

  • Info Night 1 April 2020 
  • Applications close 15 May 2020 
  • Selected teams notified 8 May 2020 
  • Pre-accelerator Bootcamp 28 May 2020


  • Pre-accelerator program commences 2 June 2020 
  • Accelerator program selection day 14 July 2020 
  • Pre-accelerator concludes 11 August 2020


  • Accelerator program commences 12 August 2020 
  • Accelerator program concludes 25 October 2020 
  • Demo Night 4 November 2020 (TBC)

For all enquires regarding Health 10x, please contact the Health 10x Program Manager, Dina Titkova.