The New Wave program addresses the under-representation of women in entrepreneurship by empowering UNSW students, staff or alumni who identify as women to launch startups.

New Wave will support 60 women in Cohort 8 (Aug - Sept 21) to access the right professional network and community, upskill and connect with industry experts. 

🌊 There are four things you need to know before applying 👇

1. Each year New Wave has grown exponentially, making it an in-demand program. To maintain the quality of experience for participants we are capping the numbers for this cohort and ensuring those accepted into the program are committed & growth oriented individuals. In order to assess your application please outline your reasons for joining below including any specific goals and how you feel New Wave will help you achieve them.

2. The principles taught in New Wave have been tried and tested, with profound results for the hundreds of women founders we have worked with all over the world.

3. Our mission is to support and inspire you, which is why we have pulled together loads of complimentary resources, workshops and events for you to access during the program.

4. The UNSW Founders team, speakers & mentors are so excited to be sharing knowledge and wisdom with you and to help you unlock you inner entrepreneur.

5. Most importantly of all, beyond launching a startup, New Wave has led many women to find careers in global tech companies and even in UNSW's own portfolio startups. Learning and apply creative & innovative thinking techniques has literally changed the lives of many New Wave participants, so we know it will help transform yours too.

Are you ready? 🏄‍♀️

For all enquiries related to New Wave, please contact

New Wave offers UNSW students, staff and alumni who identify as women, at any stage of their journey, access to skills-building workshops, expert masterclasses and industry-leading mentors to form, refine and test their startup ideas.

New Waves runs for two weeks, twice annually in the term breaks during which participants will: 

  • Form teams with like-minded women and collaborate on an idea
  • Learn essential entrepreneurial skills like pitching, leadership and design thinking  
  • Learn from experts who will deliver master classes on how to create a startup    
  • Be guided by industry leading mentors 
  • Pitch at a showcase event to industry leaders and win amazing prizes
  • Build confidence, make friends and have fun! 


There are 3 pathways into New Wave;

  1. You don't need a startup idea to apply, so if you sign up as an individual without an idea, we will help you find a team to work with.
  2.  You can apply with an idea but without a team & we will help you find a team to help you bring your solution to life.
  3.  You can apply with an idea and a team. (Max: 3 team members per team & all members be UNSW affiliated, meaning a student, professional staff, academic staff or alumni.

To be eligible for New Wave, you must: 

  • Identify as a woman; and are an 
  • Existing UNSW student enrolled in an Undergraduate, Masters or PhD program; or an
  • Alumni of UNSW (i.e. graduated from an undergraduate or postgraduate UNSW program); or 
  • UNSW academic staff (subject to the terms outlined in the UNSW staff startup policy); or
  • UNSW professional staff (subject to the terms in the staff startup policy); or
  • 18 years or older.   

Cohort 8

1 July - Applications open

4 August - Information Session  RSVP HERE

13 August  - Applications close - APPLY HERE

16 August - 60 Successful Applicants notified

19 August - Orientation & team forming event. Where successful applications will learn about the program and be matched with a team.

27 August (evening) - Program kick off event

30 August - 10 September  - Program runs Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 9am - 1pm.

14 September (3pm) - Your teams pre-recorded pitch to be submitted for Showcase finals.

16 September - The top 10 teams selected to pitch LIVE at the Showcase event will be notified

23 September - Showcase Pitch Event (in person) where top ten teams will pitch for cash prizes.




















New Wave 2021 Mentors

2021 New Wave participants will be mentored by these incredible leaders in business