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The New Wave U.S Ready Bootcamp is a new initiative from UNSW Founders, supported by The United States Embassy and Consulates in Australia, to provide a U.S market-focused mentoring program for 10 successful women-led startups.  

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Applications will close Sunday 3 October, 11.59pm AEST.

Program Info


Program Benefits

  • Weekly masterclasses delivered by subject matter experts 
  • Access to a strong New Wave community - meet and learn from Alumni​
  • Increase your network of other founders, mentors, investors and industry experts in the U.S​
  • 1-1 mentorship support & access to UNSW Founders Coach & Connect​ service
  • Founders Perks Package for CRM, design, marketing, legal etc. 
  • Ongoing PR support.

Cohort #1  11 October - 18 Nov​ember 2021

  • 11 - 15 October 2021 - Online mentor matching ​

  • 18 October 2021 - Week 1, Program Day 1​

  • 25 October 2021 - Week 2, Program Day 2​

  • 1 November 2021 - Week 3, Program Day 3​

  • 8 November 2021 - Week 4, Program Day 4​

  • 18 November 2021 (evening) – Online Showcase Event.

To be eligible for the New Wave U.S Ready Bootcamp:  ​

  • You are a women founder or co-founder of a currently operating startup - an Australian registered company (Pty Ltd)

  • You or one of your co-founders is a current UNSW student, staff or alumni 
  • You have a proof of concept, prototype or MVP  

  • You have some market validation through customer take-up or engagement 

  • You are able to commit to participating in the full 4 week Program (1 half-day per week).

  • You are looking to scale your business to the U.S in the next 12 – 36 months​.

Founders who:

  • Want to evaluate their business for the U.S.
  • Want to best position their startups for U.S market entry
  • Would benefit from being matched to a U.S mentor for insight & support
  • Want to participate in a structured cohort-based program
  • Are keen to access UNSW’s & the U.S Consulate's outstanding network of founders, alumni, subject matter experts and mentors  
  • Would benefit from and be active contributors to the UNSW Founders New Wave community of like-minded women-led startups
  • Are keen to understand more about succeeding in the U.S.

 UNSW is urging a New Wave of Aussie female-led startups 

 to get U.S Ready. 

The New Wave U.S Ready Bootcamp is a joint initiative of UNSW & The United States Embassy and Consulates in Australia, who will partner for the first time to deliver a U.S market focused mentoring program for 10 successful women-led startups.  

“As Australia’s most entrepreneurial University, UNSW recognises the leading role that women increasingly play in the startup sector. Increasing women’s participation in entrepreneurship and international trade will enable new market opportunities, job creation and economic growth.  The New Wave program ensures that the next generation of women startup leaders have the skills and networks they need for success.” says David Burt, UNSW Director of Entrepreneurship.  

UNSW’s own portfolio of company investments boasts a 41% female participation rate, well above the industry average of 29.4%. 

The program is designed to empower aspiring and  established  women entrepreneurs in the Australian tech sector with global ambitions to be in a position to export goods and services to the U.S in the next 12 – 36 months. 

With the financial support awarded from the U.S Embassy’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Mentorship Program grant, UNSW’s Entrepreneurship Division, known as UNSW Founders, will pilot a four-week mentoring and educational program as an expansion of the UNSW Founders New Wave initiative. The program addresses the under-representation of women in entrepreneurship by empowering participants with the skills and confidence to form, refine and test startup ideas. The U.S ready bootcamp will go a step further by helping startups evaluate their businesses for the U.S, prepare a realistic U.S market entry plan and access mentorship and  1:1 advice from Aussie founders who have successfully navigated the U.S market. 

It has been reported that the gender gap in entrepreneurship has led to reduced access to role models, professional networks and funding for women founders. UNSW Founders with the support of the U.S consulate has sought to help address this issue by providing direct access to information, resources, support and connections within the world’s most established entrepreneurial market. 

“By focussing on the U.S as the world’s most established entrepreneurial market, we will equip Australian business women with the skills and knowledge to be globally competitive and a roadmap to access capital or customers in the U.S. We are so excited to be given the opportunity to extend New Wave’s current offering to support more women-led startups, who have a working prototype or have conducted a proof-of-concept study, to access the benefits of building an export plan with the support of a U.S based mentor.” says Kristen Phillips, New Wave program Manager, UNSW. 

The program will commence on October 18, matching the 10 startups with U.S mentors who will guide participants in developing high performing teams, and help create sustainable goals for their business by looking at the product and technology from all angles to uncover growth opportunities and future distribution channels. The program will culminate in a Showcase event where each startup will deliver their U.S market entry plan to investors, from UNSW’s and the U.S Consulate networks. 

Applications for the 2021 New Wave U.S Mentorship program close on 3 October 2021  

Given the current public health orders, the entire program will be delivered digitally.  

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