Founders Launch

UNSW Founders Launch

Looking to launch your first product or service and receive feedback from real people?


What is Founders Launch?

Founders Launch is a 10 week pre-accelerator program designed for startups that are almost ready to test their product or service in the market. There is a strong focus on marketing tools and strategies in this stream as the chosen teams take on their target markets in a supportive and collaborative environment.

Founders Launch teams will spend the majority of their time learning about startup marketing and sales from real-world experts in order to plan and even execute their first large-scale campaign. Startups will be challenged to validate their business model and produce some revenue, or at least make significant progress towards this!

This program culminates in the final Demo Night, where chosen startups will pitch their businesses along with all of their latest progress.

Founders Program Launch


Who is Founders Launch for?

  •  Founders Launch is designed for teams that are almost ready to enter their markets and get customer feedback.

Program Requirements

  •  You are a UNSW student, staff member or alum.
  •  You can commit to participating in the program for the full 10 weeks, including 20 hours of compulsory attendance.

Any questions?

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