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At the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre we're running a year-round program of events, talks and workshops to give you a taste of what the Founders Program has to offer.

What is MCIC Foundations?

New to entrepreneurship? No problem! Sign up for a MCIC workshop to learn how to transform your designs into 3D printed objects or laser etch an artwork, learn how to make the most of our makerspace kit at a shop tools session, take a design thinking workshop or get involved in a hack to solve a real world problem. If you've already got a great idea for a startup, come along to a pitch night and help propel your venture to the next level. All up we've got over 200 events for you to choose from!

MCIC Foundations


Entrepreneurial Endeavours

Entrepreneurial Endeavours is a suite of programs designed to help introduce you to the methodologies of entrepreneurship, creative thinking and making. Delivered in a supportive and collaborative environment, these programs will allow you to hack, design, prototype and tinker, to help you build your skills and unleash your inner entrepreneur.


All programs are taught into UNSW coursework, by arrangement. To find out more, please submit a request here.


MCIC Foundations also runs select programs by popular demand for students, staff and recent alumni. If you're interested in attending a session, register your interest below at the links. 

Playing Lean

2 hr session

The flight simulator for lean startup. A fun and engaging game designed to introduce you to lean methodology, product-market fit and how to work best with limited resources for a successful outcome.


Lean Canvas

1 hr session

An explanation of the lean canvas, examples, case studies and questions regarding your own idea for each section. At the end of the session you'll have completed a lean canvas for your idea or startup with an understanding of what differentiates you or your product.

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Design Thinking

2 hr session

A fun and collaborative introduction to the fundamentals of creative problem solving, learning and implementing the process and framework of Design Thinking. At the end of the session, you'll have an understanding of the creative process of Design Thinking and an introduction to an entrepreneurial mindset.

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Design Sprints

3 hr session or 3 day session

Applying the fundamentals of Design Thinking to create a team solution(s) to a key problem. A solution driven exercise in team work, creativity and approaching a common problem with a new entrepreneurial mindset. At the end of this session you can expect to emerge with a (multiple) sketch prototype based on key user personas and a shared team understanding of the key challenges around the problem statement.

If you choose the 3 day option, you can expect to emerge with a physical fabricated minimum viable product prototype with validation and a deeper understanding of research and product iteration.


Personas and User Journeys

2 hr session

Understand your key user/users, the difference between your customer and user and how to make them both happy, and creating journey maps with key pain points and interventions in reference to your idea. From this session, you'll create 3 key persona templates with a completed journey map for one user and their problems and interactions with your solution, product or brand.

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Creative Confidence

2 hr session

Learn key creativity techniques to assist with your ideation and human-centred problem solving to build your entrepreneurial mindset and creative approach to solutions.


Creative Leadership

2 hr session

Learn how to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset in your team, how to build creativity to problem solving and how to get your team on the one page working towards the same goal.



MCIC Foundations runs hackathons throughout the year in partnership with faculties, research centres and key external organisations. 

A hackathon is a competitive and immersive learning experience. Participants form cross-disciplinary teams and work on solving a real-world problem in 2.5 days. Teams collaborate intensively to create solutions from scratch by ideating, prototyping, testing, receiving feedback from mentors and pitching their solutions to a panel of experts.

To find out more about past hacks or to register for an upcoming one, please see our hack website.

MCIC Makerspace


Prototyping Sessions

Makerspace Safety Induction

3 hr session

Compulsory safety induction for access to all spaces within the UNSW Makerspace network. A comprehensive workshop that introducers first time users to the safe use of the most commonly used equipment in a Makerspace, including hand and power tools, as well as laser cutters and 3D printers.

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CAD Modelling

2x 2 hr sessions

Introduction to Autodesk Fusion 360 (free software) covering the basics of 2D CAD. Followed a week later by a 3D session. Students would be expected to do online tutorials between sessions. 



1 hr session

Introduction to the basics of electronics. Learn how to identify and use the most common electronic components, build basic circuits on a breadboard, and read and write schematic diagrams.


Rapid Prototyping

3 hr session

Building on skills already developed through Shoptools, Electronics and CAD modelling. Introduction to CNC milling, deeper dive into laser cutting and 3D printing.


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