UNSW Startup Project Peernote places third at Facebook Hackathon

Written by Duong 17 May 2019

UNSW Startup Project Peernote places 3rd in the Facebook Hackathon hosted in Sydney. 

Teams and individuals had to undergo an extensive application process consisting of a coding challenge prior to being accepted into the Hackathon. Successfully completing the coding challenge, Xiaowei Zhu, the Co-founder of Peernote, participated in an exciting night of coding projects, mentored by Facebook's leading engineering experts.

With lots of caffeine and prizes up for grabs, Xiaowei managed to place 3rd in the intensive, 2 day Hackathon.

The Peernote team met earlier this year at the MCIC Learning Experience of the Future Hack, which aimed to provide technological solutions in providing an enhanced user-experience in learning applications.

A big congratulations to the team!

peernote image

(Pictured) - Co-founder of Peernote; Xiaowei Zhu