Tiliter is using AI and machine learning to reduce theft, waste and processing times at the supermarket checkout. 

Tiliter teaches checkouts to recognise products without barcodes. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning our product recognition system automatically identifies you fruits and vegetables at the supermarket checkout and removes the need for manual selection.  

With an ultimate vision to replace barcodes entirely via 'smart checkouts' Tiliter wants to revolutionise the checkout process and propel the consumer shopping experience into the future with a faster, easier, smarter supermarket checkout. This provides a more sustainable, efficient and digitally advanced shopping experience and cuts down on the use of long queues and plastic pollution.  

 This product has appealed to the likes of GaP Solutions, which has begun a partnership with Tiliter, hoping to incorporate their Point of Sale softwares that are already being implemented in supermarkets such as Harris Farm, IGA, FoodWorks and SPAR.  

 Recently, Tiliter has just been named as one of six finalists at the Webit Founders Games Festival receiving $120,000. This is the biggest Startup Challenge in the world with over 4000 applicants. 

 Tiliter was previously part of UNSW Founder's Flagship accelerator Founders 10x, which assists in supporting UNSW Alumni, Startup Communities and Entrepreneurship.