UNSW Founders

Service profile: The Founders Program is UNSW's platform to embed entrepreneurship on campus. We support students, staff and alumni to build entrepreneurship skills, and found and grow real companies. So, whether you're completely new to entrepreneurship, or you're an experienced founder, there's an initiative to help you on your way.

Perks details:

  • Desk space: 6 months dedicated office space for your team and incubation support after completion of the 10x Accelerator.
  • Founders Space: Free access to Founders space. Get involved with other startups and work from our newly launched entrepreneurs hub.
  • Access coaching sessions: Free ongoing one-on-one coaching through Coach & Connect (C&C). Receive ongoing support to experienced members in the entrepreneurial space that will help guide you on your founder journey.  Perk available for all startup founders and continues to be available throughout your entire founder journey. C&C is available both on campus and online and is held with a variety of coaches of different expertise and experiences.
  • Monthly Founders breakfast: A chance for founders to get together and connect over breakfast. Offered monthly by UNSW Founders to select UNSW startups and 10x Accelerator current cohort and almuni.
  • Events: Socialise with the entrepreneurial community.  
  • Makers space: Bring your product vision to reality through access to our 
  • Funding.

Criteria: No specific criteria.

Eligibility: Desk space, monthly Founders breakfast, and funding only available to 10x accelerator startups only.

How do I get access? Get access through booking a Coach & Connect session

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