UNSW Founders Wellbeing Service


“Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into the abyss.” - Elon Musk.

72% of startup founders are likely to experience mental distress, compared to 42% of non-founders. We're here to help. 

We know how tough it is for founders. We’re not just here to support your startup, but also your personal health.


Healthcare & Wellbeing Service for Founders

As a UNSW affiliated Founder (student, staff or alumni), we’re providing you with access to proven health and wellbeing services. From moral support to clinical support, we want to help you holistically take care of yourself.

This service, run in partnership with Osana, delivers preventative care and personalised health plans and workshops, and is partially subsidised by UNSW Founders. 

Interested in finding out more about how we can help you improve your quality of life and how healthy you feel?

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Wellbeing Events for Founders

As a UNSW affiliated Founder, you can access our dedicated Founder Wellbeing Events. This includes events run in partnership with Drop Bio, who provide fortnightly live webinars and Q&As with leading medical and holistic health specialists.

View their upcoming events and on-demand replays here.


Explore UNSW Student Wellbeing Services

As a UNSW student, you can also access the full range of UNSW's Student Wellbeing Services here.