Unlocking the Power of Your DNA



23Strands is unlocking the power of your DNA. From a simple blood sample, we provide insight into current and future best suited medication and disease risk based on your DNA. Saving you time and money to focus on living a healthier life.

We strongly hold the belief that genomics will be found to be the most predictive long term diagnostic test you will be able to take for yourself and your family, and that by building a foundation in inherited genomics we will be able to make a profound impact on the wellness of future generations of our broader global family.


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The Team

We have assembled a world class team with experts in data science, technology and clinical application. A few examples of some of world leaders in their field:

Professor Steven Boyages, Board Member and Director, Specialist Information Services is a senior Endocrinologist, Department of Endocrinology, Westmead Hospital.

Professor Deon Venter, Chief Medical Advisor is a pathologist and molecular geneticist.

Dr Hua Lin, Chief Data Officer, is a leader in data science

We also maintain an active clinical advisory board, relationships with peak bodies such as the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance, InGeNA, the Baker Institute and have research agreements with the Australian Genome Research Facility, UNSW, the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, the Ingham Institute and clinical relationships with Liverpool and St Vincent's Hospital Sydney.