Amphora Data

Changing the Future of Customer Interactions

Amphora Data was started by Rian Finnegan (fmr. Microsoft) and Isaac Donnelly (fmr. McKinsey) to drive change in the use and impact of machine learning. In the beginning, Amphora Data created a data marketplace and integration platform. They soon realised that they could better help customers by developing improved analytics products. Thus, Four2 was born.

Four2 increases customer lifetime value for XaaS companies. It predicts individual customer behaviour and identifies optimal actions to keep customers happy and loyal. 

Four2 is in a pilot phase. Reach out to the team if you are a B2C subscription company and you want to increase customer retention and satisfaction.


Demo Night Pitch



Founders: Rian Finnegan, Isaac Donnelly

An experienced team who have known each other for over a decade. Rian is an engineering guru who previously worked at Microsoft and has helped operationalise AI in large and small companies. Isaac is a prediction expert with a PhD in maths, Fulbright scholarship and three years at McKinsey under his belt.