Arludo is changing the face of education by creating experiences that make it easy for teachers to lead engaging social and experiential learning opportunities. 

From augmented reality, to single and multi-player games, Arludo's library of apps turn smartphones into science equipment, teachers into science experts, and students into practicing citizen scientists. These games replicate real life scenarios or real applications of mathematics. This aims to encourage participation in STEM courses through more social interaction that compliments the advancements of technology in classroom learning. Arludo is currently being implemented as learning activities in classrooms.  

Most recently, Arludo founder Michael has pitched as one of the 5 companies that participated in the EdTech Pitch, hoping to increase more traction towards the Edutech sector. 

 Arludo was previously part of UNSW Founder's Flagship accelerator Founders 10x, which assists in supporting UNSW Alumni, Startup Communities and Entrepreneurship.