Betty Andrews

With 15 years’ experience working in marketing, brand storytelling and strategy for some of the world’s biggest brands and coolest startups, I know how to use data-backed strategies to build and grow brands, laddering up to high-level business objectives. I've worked with everyone from Weight Watchers, to Lidl, Logitech, LVMH and everything inbetween. Specialises in:
. Copywriting
. Business, marketing and content strategy
. Strategic campaigns and delivery
. Ideation
. Influencer strategy and management
. Coaching
. Global digital strategy
. Content strategy (understanding interconnectivity of the marketing landscape)
. New business pitches
. Team management, growth and coaching
. Enabling local markets through guideline creations
. Social media brainstorms and strategy
. Branding
. Concepting (business, startups and projects)