Create 3D Design in Block42 Platform Collaboratively

Current 3D software used for rapid prototyping, storytelling and visualisation are difficult to learn and use. Using gamification features and cloud service, Block42 has developed easy-to-use, collaborative and cost effective 3D engine for everyone to make 3D designs. Being passionate about equipping school age children with the skills of the future, the Block42 team has launched their 3D platform for them to create 3D models and animations for engineering, science, and digital arts projects and unleash their creativity, while collaborating and having fun.  


Demo Night Pitch


    Founders: Charlene Hu, Richard Fu, Brian Zou, Christian McFarlane

    Block42 is a team of ex-VC, game developers and Animal Logic professional artists who bring business, product design and development skills to the company. Their advisors bring a wealth of experience in the education and multimedia industries.