Giving Robots a Human Sense of Touch

Ever tried to tie your shoelaces when your fingers are numb from the cold? You've done it a million times before, but suddenly it's an almost impossible task. Our dexterity is not possible without our sense of touch. Robots currently don't have a sense of touch and this severely limits how they use their 'hands'.

Contactile gives robots a human sense of touch so they can use their 'hands' just like we do - we enable robotic dexterity!

Dexterous robots can help people perform all the dull, dirty and dangerous jobs that occur across every industry, including manufacturing and assembly, agriculture and the food value chain, e-commerce fulfilment, robotic surgery, and even space. 

Using revolutionary tactile sensing technology, Contactile enables robot dexterity for automation tasks, measuring 3D deflection, 3D force and 3D vibration at each array element, as well as important properties of torque, incipient slip and friction. With these sensors, a robotic gripper can grasp any object with optimal grip force, regardless of object weight, size, and friction. Simply tell it to grip the object and the gripper will take care of the rest.


    Demo Night Pitch


    Founders:  Stephen Redmond, Ben Xia, Heba Khamis 

    The founding team has a unique combination of technical expertise spanning electrical and software engineering (together hold 4 Bachelors (3 Honours), 1 Masters and 2 PhD degrees), significant project management experience (combined experience of managing >$4.5m in research funding), and >25 years combined academic research experience. They are co-inventors of the sensor technology and have an exclusive license to the technology patent. They practice research-led technology development and are passionate about revolutionising robotics and enabling new robotics and automation applications.