Eric Wedepohl

I am originally a scientist and strategic thinker, who is also innately curious. Envisioning how things could work better is my passion. People are deeply interesting to me, especially seeing them working together to achieve magical thing. I had the privilege of combining these aspects to help create Geoforce - a geophysical mapping company, which became best in niche in Australia. As Co-founder and CEO I established, scaled then successfully exited the company. Now I pay it back by business advisory and coaching via Ascendent; and volunteering my time to support "for purpose" businesses and accelerators.

Before establishing Geoforce I had an extended career as a research scientist, developing and commercializing geophysical imaging technology in the mining and infrastructure verticals. This gave a unique perspective and ability to understand both the commercial and technical viewpoints when working with technology companies. As an entrepreneur/board director and sometimes angel investor I have a good understanding of the fund raising process at early stages of growth.

I specialize in working with and investing in start-ups and SMEs, which are early traction or growth stage; and are using technology to disrupt the status quo. I have a particular (but not exclusive) interest in drones, mapping and data analytics.

My “secret” mission is to democratize entrepreneurship for the good of many. Diversity makes us richer and this is my north star guiding my professional and personal life. I regard myself as a quirky bloke, who got somewhat lucky. So I obtain maximum pleasure when my experience helps other people be free and included. Always interested to connect with like-minded people..