Forcite is building wearables that sharpen our senses, improving reaction times. 

In a world of self-driving pizza delivery trucks, where does that leave motorcycle riders? Forcite is a company focused on allowing motorcycle riders to see things before they happen in essence giving them superpowers. Through a combination of Ai and wearable technology Forcite has created a unique system that will be an industry standard. Forcite has been successful in obtaining partnerships with 2 tier 1's and is also well-funded.  

Since the 10X program, Forcite has experienced a 400% increase in online growth making major strides in funding and investment. With the latest funding of $800,000 from Uniseed, this brings their total funding support to $2.8 million significantly contributing to their research and prototyping.   

Forcite's helmet also has advanced technology, integrated with bluetooth which can play audio, connect to other helmets for intercom uses, live video recording and various sensors that allow Forcite to analyse each ride and improve the content and usability of through their phone app. 

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