Gregory Davis

Hello there! I am Gregory. The Maker. 

As the Prototype Manager of the Founders team, hardware realization is my area of expertise.  For the last twenty years I have been working as an Industrial Designer across the globe, living and working on different projects in Australia, Estonia, Germany and China.  I have worked in many different industries, including marine, aerospace, automotive, homewares and furniture to name a few. 

Book a session with me if you are hardware based. I can help you to rapidly explore your prototyping options, challenge your assumptions, and help you with your user testing and validation. I also have some great simple tools for building up a no-code App prototypes. 

I am passionate about social justice and sustainability, so would also love to chat if you are working on projects in these spaces too. 

I also manage the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre Makerspace, so please connect with me to find out about all of the wonderful state of the art equipment, services, expertise and training modules that are available to you to bring your idea to life.   

You can check some of great Makerspace resources out here at UNSW Making