HEO Robotics

HEO Robotics is enabling the next stage of space exploration. 

High Earth Orbit Robotics is building a robust nanosatellite constellation that can operate in the best place for optical and hyperspectral spacecraft observation - High Earth Orbit. 

Their first mission is to help Geostationary satellite operators to look after their billion dollar assets in space, from space. By utilising these nanosatellites, it makes for more efficient and cost effective solutions for asteroid missions, bringing the cost of more than $500 million per asteroid down to $1-$2 million.  

Their most recent achievement has being able to provide a demonstration at the Royal Australian Air Force to show how the Geosynchronous Orbit can now be observed at times where current sensors are blinded by the sun. This is due to their creation of the Argus constellation; a 12-piece optical nanosatellite constellation that has wider range than the current satellite. 

HEO Robotics was previously part of UNSW Founder's Flagship accelerator Founders 10x, which assists in supporting UNSW Alumni, Startup Communities and Entrepreneurship.