Julie Trell

Julie Trell is not afraid to break the mould. The Country Lead, Australia, for SheEO has been challenging and inverting norms throughout her career, making waves with her fresh perspective and innovative thinking. When she redesigned a previous job title to ‘Vice President of All Things Fun, Meaningful & Rewarding’, as a founding member of Salesforce Foundation. it was a powerful reinforcement of her values, which quickly became integral to the workplace culture around her.

Julie was recently the head of Telstra's startup accelerator, muru-D, one of Australia’s first and largest portfolios. She is the SheEO Country lead for SheEO Radical Generosity - a global initiative to transform how we support, finance and celebrate women-identifying entrepreneurs. Julie’s passion is to support companies and leaders develop connected organisations that focus on building a sense of community that engages employees and gives forward to society. 

Julie’s career has centred around building connections between people, programs and ecosystems. She describes herself as a ‘Human API’, capturing her ability to utilise her network to empower startups by spotting opportunities and acting as a catalyst for growth and development.