Power Forecasting and Solar Asset Management



PVMaster specialises in data analysis of renewable energy, providing power forecasting and asset management services for renewable power generation and integration, which makes renewable energy more predictable, manageable, and profitable. 

Their market-leading photovoltaic modelling and solar energy assessment technology was  invented and developed by the company’s founders at the world’s top solar research group in UNSW Sydney. Based on their research on power plant modelling and special AI algorithms for short-term weather forecast based on satellite images,  they developed power forecasting technology,  “PVMasterTM Power Forecast”,  which helps solar and wind farms to reduce their FCAS cost and enables more clean power to be connected to the grid.


Demo Night Video


Founders:  Yang Li, Dr Zi Ouyang 

Both of the founders have extensive study time at UNSW and are following their passion to ensure renewable energy is a viable long-term alternative to fossil fuels, which is much better for planet earth.