UNSW Research Making Impact: Utilisation and Commercialisation

UNSW Research Making Impact: Utilisation and Commercialisation is a half day workshop to help you progress your research from paper to people. 

UNSW Founders Program and Knowledge Exchange are pleased to welcome you to this workshop where you will learn different ways your research can make impact in the world, opportunities for you to implement your research outcomes through either business or licencing, and the support structures available on campus to help you make real impact in people's lives.

This event comprises of:

  • a short overview of the programs and support that UNSW Founders and Knowledge Exchange can provide you as staff and researchers at the University
  • workshops where practical skills and information will help you to; frame your next steps with your research; meet colleagues interested in pushing their research and; learn how to communicate your research to a broader audience
  • networking opportunities.

2020 Research Making Impact Workshop Dates:

24 March – UNSW Canberra 

15 April – MCIC, UNSW Sydney

13 August – MCIC, UNSW Sydney

2 October – UNSW Canberra

To enquire or submit an EOI email MCIC@unsw.edu.au