Visospace is working on the future of human-computer interaction. 

Visospace are solving the 2 main problems of VR interaction: lack of intuitive locomotion and the absence of 'touch and feel'. Visospace has addressed locomotion with its first product, Alto; a physical hoverboard, allowing a strengthened sense of touch and force feedback by securing the IP for a revolutionary hand exoskeleton. 

This hoverboard allows users to feel a stronger presence of the environment through vibrations and physical adjustments that the board induces. This works in conjunction with the user's own control, with the ability to add more or less weight and the direction when being on the hoverboard. 

Last year, Visospace was awarded $25,000 as part of the minimum Viable Product Grant from the Jobs for NSW. 

Visospace has also released the Alto100, their central Developer Kit with a number of add-ons. These include the Alto development kit, usb cable, plugins to start incorporating the desired games and online support for the product and games.