Walking Tall Health

Helping People Walk



“The hardest part was keeping the smile off my face”  

This is the powerful response from a person suffering from Parkinson’s Disease after using Walking Tall Health's breakthrough medical device, enabling them to walk with confidence for first time in years without fear, freezing of gait, or experiencing a fall. 

Over 100 million people live with motor impairments, including 10 million people living with the debilitating Parkinson’s Disease. Walking Tall Health was born out of a need and passion to empower these people to walk with confidence; allowing them to be actively engaged in society, restore quality of life and stay out of hospital.

Walking Tall Health brings together expertise from Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA), The University of New South Wales (UNSW) Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, and research funding from Shake It Up Australia and The Michael J Fox Foundation, to develop an Australian made solution that will help 10-million people around the world living with Parkinson’s, walk. 


Demo Night Pitch





Leading the research and development is Founder and CEO, Dr Matthew Brodie. A Neuroscientist and Engineer, Dr Brodie has over 10 years’ experience at leading institutes including Neuroscience Research Australia and UNSW’s Graduate School of BioMedical Engineering. Dr Brodie’s invention and research has gained the support of the Michael J Fox Foundation and Shake It Up Australia Foundation.

Head of Corporate Strategy is Dr David Lester, who has extensive medical industry experience, working in private and public organizations, including Harvard Medical School,  with the FDA and big pharma and multiple startups. Dr Lester has proven expertise accelerating Med-Tech Start Ups through the initial funding rounds and developing clinical, regulatory and corporate strategies.

Chief Operating Officer, Brigitte Martin, has extensive senior leadership experience across marketing and operations in international markets. Recently returned from China, Brigitte is putting in place the robust operational frameworks and support structures required to bring this new medical device to market. This will support our plan to deliver the benefits of this research breakthrough to those people who need it now, as quickly as possible.