10 Women-Led teams are New Wave U.S. Ready...Set Go!

Meet our 10 startups that are New Wave U.S. Ready!

UNSW is excited to announce the 10 successful women-led startups invited into the inaugural New Wave U.S Ready Bootcamp. This new initiative from UNSW Founders is supported by The United States Embassy and Consulates to provide a U.S market-focused bootcamp &  mentoring program for 10 successful women-led startups.  The program has been designed to empower aspiring and established Australian female tech entrepreneurs to be in a position to export goods and services to the U.S in the next 12 – 36 months. 

“We are so excited to support these women-led startups, who are solving real-world problems with innovative technology, resilience, and creativity!” said New Wave Program Manager Kristen Phillips. “Thanks to the support of the U.S Embassy, we are able to equip these Aussie companies with the skills and knowledge they need to scale up quickly, which is something Australia’s COVID-19 recovering plan relies on - these female founders are literally our future”

Final teams selected for the New Wave U.S. Ready Bootcamp

Club Melon sells high-quality, high-performance activewear made especially for plus-size women, starting with a radically adjustable sports bra, allowing customers to create their own perfect fit. Learn more.

Say66 is a clinically-validated platform that provides cost-effective access to speech therapy for children via a gamified speech therapy platform that supports structured intensive home practice with a parent, remotely supervised by a speech-language pathologist. Learn more.

Contactile provides robots with a human sense of touch and enable robotic dexterity. Our world-leading bio-inspired soft tactile sensor array can measure 3D deflection, 3D force and 3D vibration at each array element, allowing our robotic grippers to autonomously grasp any object with optimal grip force. Learn more.

Wildlife Drones delivers a world-first drone radio-tracking receiver and a base station laptop, equipped with unique signal processing algorithms and software. This improves the efficiency, quality and quantity of real-time data, and can allow aerial tracking of up to 40 animals simultaneously - even across physically difficult terrain.  Learn more.

AtOne is a virtual reality (VR) solution that targets anxiety, stress and builds long-term capacity using meditation, mind fitness reporting and online training. It is Australia’s only VR meditation app in the market. AtOne uses a multi-sensory approach to take people into a virtual world of relaxation with smell, sound, sight and guided meditations to help them relax. Learn more.

Givvable captures and aggregates supplier sustainability credentials mapped to widely used reporting frameworks (SDGs, GRI, SASB, TCFD, ISO, etc.). Our tool tracks existing suppliers, can grow pools of sustainable suppliers, and support suppliers on their sustainability journey. Learn more.

AssuranceLab’s readiness software provides automation to effectively deliver audits and assurance standards as a single package. We’re developing a scalable software platform, which includes artificial intelligence / machine learning models to perform auto-review and validations on audit documents. Learn more.

Three teams have chosen to remain private.  

We encourage you to check out each of the teams, follow and support their journey. 

What is the purpose of the New Wave U.S. Ready Bootcamp?

The New Wave U.S Ready Bootcamp is a new initiative from UNSW Founders, supported by The United States Embassy and Consulates in Australia, to provide a U.S market-focused mentoring program for 10 successful women-led startups. 

With support from the U.S Embassy’s Women’s Economic Empowerment Mentorship Program grant, UNSW’s Entrepreneurship Division, known as UNSW Founders, will pilot a four-week mentoring and educational program as an expansion of the UNSW Founders New Wave initiative.

New Wave addresses the under-representation of women in entrepreneurship by empowering participants with the skills and confidence to form, refine and test startup ideas. The U.S ready bootcamp will go a step further by helping startups evaluate their businesses for the U.S, prepare a realistic U.S market entry plan and access mentorship and  1:1 advice from Aussie founders who have successfully navigated the U.S market. 

The program will commence on October 18, matching the 10 startups with U.S mentors who will guide participants in developing high performing teams, and help create sustainable goals for their business by looking at the product and technology from all angles to uncover growth opportunities and future distribution channels.

The program will culminate in a Showcase event where each startup will deliver their U.S market entry plan to a VIP audience from UNSW’s and the U.S Consulate networks. 

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