2019 Peter Farrell Cup winners announced

Converting organic industrial waste into renewable products, discretely testing for STI’s and being able to see the world through sound are just some of the amazing ideas we heard at the 2019 Peter Farrell Cup Finals Night.

P2X took out the major $10,000 prize, winning the Peter Farrell Cup for their patented technology that can convert organic industrial waste into renewable hydrogen and value-added products.

Runners up Aurora received $5,000 for their device that allows users to discretely test for various sexually transmitted infections. Third place and $3,000 went to SoundSense for their glasses that use an integrated camera to transform live 3D video into intuitive spatial audio for the vision impaired.

WeBox took home $2,000 and the People’s Choice award for their reusable lunch box system that provides an alternative to single-use takeaway packaging.

Over the past three months, with the support of the UNSW Founders team and industry mentors, 45 teams developed their business ideas. Helping develop both students and their ideas from that initial light bulb moment, giving the students the necessary tools, skills, guidance and support, to test, pitch and potentially launch a real business!

Out of the 45 teams, the top 10 finalists had the opportunity to pitch their ideas last week to a full house and a live judging panel, including members of Sydney’s entrepreneurship community. Honorary guest Peter Farrell, 2001 Australian Entrepreneur of the Year, UNSW alumnus and donor and Founder and Chairman of the Board of ResMed, attended the finals event explaining that “entrepreneurship is vital, as is innovation, in terms of wealth creation and job creation…”   and shared his tips for startup success.

The Cup, now in its 19th year, is UNSW's longest running competitive ideas program that is fast-tracking the next generation of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Constantine Tsounis from winning team P2X, described that “The main highlight from this experience has been the ability to take a really fundamental idea and translate that into something that can translate real life problems and also bring value to a client at the same time.”

PFC is proudly brought to you by the UNSW Founders Program; UNSW’s platform for embedding entrepreneurial confidence in every student's experience. For more information on the Peter Farrell Cup head to our PFC page.

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