2021 Teams Selected for Flagship Accelerator

UNSW Founders and The George Institute for Global Health (TGI) are excited to announce the twelve teams invited into this year’s flagship UNSW 10x & Health 10x Accelerator program. The Top 12 teams are reimagining the way global startups sustainably solve problems both here in Australia, and overseas. 

UNSW Founders and The George Institute for Global Health (TGI) are excited to announce the twelve teams invited into this year’s flagship UNSW 10x & Health 10x Accelerator program.  

After almost 100 applicants, 50 outstanding teams completed the Pre-accelerator phase. Selected through a vigorous investment criteria and interview process, the teams moving forward into the Accelerator Phase are: 

Industry agnostic 10x Accelerator Program: 

  • AtOne - A meditation app that uses virtual reality to target stress.  

  • LookB4- A product review platform that connects new buyers via video with real existing buyers to get an authentic meaningful review. 

  • AssuranceLab - A platform that automates the review of audit documentation.  

  • VidUp - A platform to create videos quickly without any tech expertise required by users. 

  • The Hiking Club - A platform where you can create a personalized plan for your multi-day hikes. 

  • UnicornShift - A marketplace for traffic controllers. 

Health 10x Accelerator Program: 

  • Nuroflux – A wearable device to monitor stroke patients to limit brain injury and death.   

  • Automi – A platform that automates the creation of regulatory branded packaging assets for pharma and medical devices. 

  • SynBioTe – A novel bioprocess system allowing for on-demand production and supply of customised pharmaceutical products. 

  • Panteya - Patient Results Outcome (PRO) mHealth tool to increase communications between specialists and their patients to reduce recovery-related readmissions. 

  • Allaso Bio - Specially engineered synthetic bacteriophages to disrupt the complex environment of chronic wounds that prevent wound healing. 

  • Humane - Online platform helping families of people with disabilities self-manage their finances and understand services available, starting with NDIS. 

We encourage you to check out each of the teams, follow and support their journey. 

UNSW Founders 10x Accelerator Program was launched in 2018 and is tailored for high potential startups founded by UNSW students, staff, or alumni. Three years ago, UNSW Founders partnered with TGI to extend the program to Health teams and address major health challenges, such as non-communicable diseases (NCDs) or injury in underserved markets.  

The bespoke program runs annually as a 3-month intensive, followed by 6+ months incubation and post-program support. Each team is also matched with a wide network of mentors, investors, and UNSW Founders programs alumni.   

Between the 27 founders participating in the 2021 cohort, 11 have completed a degree at UNSW, and 3 are current students. 

In this years cohort, 41% of the top teams have at least one female co-founder – this being well above the Australian average of 29.4%. UNSW Founders continues to champion the building of strong, diverse teams in the Australian startup ecosystem. 

To further amplify the work of sustainable startups, this year the UNSW Founders 10x Accelerator Program introduced the Impact Award, which was presented to Humane and Income Energy during the Pre-Accelerator phase. This award recognises their outstanding effort to become more socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable. 

This year, the 10x & Health10x Accelerator will be delivered 100% online, however this will not stop the cohort from networking with Australia, and overseas. The program will include an immersive virtual visit to the United States, as well as India. Shifting the program online has enabled the cohort to be geographically diverse for the second year, with teams located in Australia (NSW, VIC, and QLD) and overseas (Singapore and India). 

UNSW Founders and The George Institute for Global Health (TGI) we are very excited to support these teams and help them succeed. The Accelerator program has already produced some extraordinary companies including The Forage, which runs free company-branded virtual internships with the world’s largest companies, and Evidentli that automates the power of AI to collect data from multiple databases and transform each into the most used standard for research on patient data. 

UNSW Founders 10x & H10x kicks off early July and culminates mid-September with a Demo Night. Follow UNSW Founders on LinkedIn or sign up to our Newsletter to stay updated on the 2021 cohort.