23 Strands provides evidence-based recommendations to patients for truly personalised healthcare

Using AI to combine insights from a wide range of health data with Whole Genome sequencing data to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

23 Strands is providing trustworthy, evidence-based recommendations to patients and their clinical care teams, to enable truly personalised healthcare.

This innovative early-stage business is doing this by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unlock patients’ Whole Human Genome Sequencing (WHGS). Clinical, genomic and population health data are being used by the team to draw insights via novel data analytics.

This leads to a decision support system that is more accurate and improves the power of genomic analysis, which provide a more personalised healthcare pathway. In other words, 23 Strands is combing insights from a wide range of health data – science, imaging, biometric measurements, pathology results, clinical and family history, medication history – with Whole Genome sequencing data.

This approach is aimed at improving individual patient outcomes while delivering a reduction in health costs through efficient and effective services via clinician colleagues. 

While validating and launching their platform solution in Australia, 23 Strands’ mission is to make the latest advancements in Whole Genome sequencing affordable and accessible in emerging markets.

Their first step in this is to collaborate with other like-minded  translational researchers and build collaborations around platform software and algorithms and share lessons learnt around the healthcare logistics, which can sometimes be as important as the clinical delivery.

The Health 10x program and particularly collaborating with The George Institute has allowed 23 Strands to rapidly identify partners in India: the company has recently signed an MoU with Datar Clinical Genetics to collaborate on sharing Datar’s novel Theranostics with patients in Australia.

23 Strands has built a world-class team that brings experience from applied data engineering, genomics, AI and healthcare service delivery with significant proven experience across the development, testing and delivery of complex health solutions in both transactional systems and leading analytics.

They also maintain an active clinical advisory board, relationships with peak bodies such as the Australian Cardiovascular Alliance, InGeNA, the Baker Institute, and have research agreements with the Australian Genome Research Facility, UNSW, the Australian Artificial Intelligence Institute, the Ingham Institute and clinical relationships with Liverpool and St Vincent's Hospital Sydney.

23 Strands participated in Health 10x 2020 program, Cohort #2. Since their application to the Health 10x program in May 2020, they have:

  • Built an innovative approach to gathering and analysing published scientific journal
  • articles to better understand gene-disease and gene-drug relationships.
  • Made computer infrastructure and analysis platforms operational.
  • Established a new business unit.
  • Became a Founding Member of the Genomics Industry National Alliance (InGeNA).h
  • Published an article in a globally recognised Computer Science Journal.
  • Established significant Research Agreement based partnerships with universities and research institutes.
  • Presented at HIMSS India, 2020.

Key Wins Since Joining Health 10x

  • Further research agreements with Monash University, UNSW, Global Collaborations.
  • Preparing for the launch of the company’s new Reproductive Health business unit.
  • Opened a new capital raise round and received first investors in January and February 2021.


Priorities for 2021

Going forward, 23 Strands team will be focusing on:

  • Delivery of the 23Plus Reproductive Health product into validation and accreditation by mid-2021.
  • Establish partnerships with key IVF clinics and/or fertility Specialists in Australia and APAC.
  • Complete first research project with research partners (such as Monash University and UNSW).