Melbourne startup mtime, expands into Sydney to provide more stressed Australian homes with much-needed care

Melbourne born startup mtime has launched into the Sydney market earlier than planned given the increased recent demands on parents working from home, being tasked with home schooling all the while managing the household. This is the second major Australian city now being serviced by the for-purpose business which provide moncierges (in-house assistants) to reduce the acute and persistent stresses experienced by time poor families. 

Mtime was launched in 2017 with a mission to help busy working parents reclaim time and balance in their life by matching them with an in-home family assistant to provide support with what are deemed the four critical C’s - cooking, cleaning, chores and childcare. The company aims to deliver a real, tangible solution – especially for women who are still bearing the brunt of a heavier load of unpaid work in the home – by matching them with moncierges, predominately women who have firsthand experience and know-how on what it takes to run a household.

“We’ve always been committed to a culture of care both internally and externally; and with everything happening in the world right now, it’s even more important families are able to get help to create space and time for them to feel connected and energised as a unit”, says CEO and founder, Sarah Agboola. 

Mtime has developed a unique and scalable proprietary recruitment process helping to produce employment opportunities as moncierges for women new and returning to the workforce. By creating this symbiotic model, the company openly aims to drive deep societal change related to the disproportionate burden and lack of value placed on unpaid work.

“Ultimately, its recognition that the kind of tasks defined as unpaid labour are hard! We see our families bond with their moncierges for a number of reasons. Ultimately though, it’s always underpinned by a healthy respect that this role is tough yet priceless, especially when the result is better balance and more family time.”

To celebrate their Sydney launch, mtime is offering 50% off the annual membership fee (normally $149) for every customer who books 6 or more hours per week. Find out more here.

Sarah Agboola completed a Bachelor of Media (Honours) at UNSW graduating in 2014 and participated in the inaugural UNSW Founders 10x Accelerator.