Overwhelming response for smart productivity device

10x Accelerator alumni, TimeChi, launched its breakthrough productivity device on Indiegogo this week. In just three short days, they have raised over 830% of their original goal, with close to 1,500 people taking up the great prelaunch specials. This is testament to how important improving productivity is, particularly with most of us now working isolated and at home. 

TimeChi Device

Today’s workforce is increasingly connected, thanks to the evolution of technology and smartphones. While connectivity has upsides, the digital inbox is open 24/7 and has significantly increased the opportunity for distractions and interruptions. These distractions have a direct impact on workplace productivity, as well as mental and physical well-being. 

Not only have most forms of communications now become instantaneous with emails, private messages and DMs, the transition to open-plan offices has also been a huge cause of disruption in the workplace.  

For years, businesses believed that open-plan offices were a positive solution to cut costs and spark collaboration among employees through “free-flow” conversation. However, studies have shown that open-plan offices have the exact opposite effect, killing collaboration and productivity. People working in open offices had 70% fewer face-to-face interactions and sent 56% more emails. And the greatest issue workers have with open plan is the noise, resulting distractions and interruptions, which take on average, 11 minutes for people to regain focus, having a significant impact on business’ bottom line. 
What if we were able to bring the power of technology to help us work smarter, faster, and better? 

TimeChi aims to increase productivity through focussed work by blocking distracting websites and notifications. The device features a bright “traffic light indicator” to block physical interruptions by letting others know when you’re in flow and when to come back. Frequent breaks also ensure creativity and better mental and physical well-being, providing a better work/life environment anytime, anywhere.  

Taking scientifically proven time management principles such as timeboxing and the Pomodoro method, TimeChi brings routine and regularity to remote workers and open offices by blocking digital distractions and physical interruptions. 

Sean Greenhalgh, CEO and co-founder at TimeChi hopes the device will help Australia establish itself as a burgeoning and successful hardware startup ecosystem.  

“For far too long, Australia has been a consumer of technology. It’s time for us to tap into our highly creative and talented community and explore other avenues for tech startups to bloom. 

“The many success of Nura, Cochlear, LIFX, Rhode and Resmed is proof that we have a growing community of brilliant hardware startups that can make it global.”  

So, if you want to improve your productivity, take advantage of the pre-launch discounts and order your TimeChi device now.  

TimeChi Device

(TimeChi, 10x Accelerator, 2019 Cohort #3)