Peter Farrell Cup 2019 runner-up, Aurora, accepted into HCF Catalyst!

The Founders team had the opportunity to catch up with Alinta Furnell, one of the founders of Aurora, who has developed a quick and simple mechanism to test for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). The Aurora team came in second place at the Peter Farrell Cup 2019, and has now been accepted into the HCF Catalyst, Australia's leading health tech scale-up accelerator program! 
"Every step of the Peter Farrell Cup was a huge learning curve. We never thought we would get as far as we did, but it was a unique opportunity, so we took advantage of having the resource available to us and found it very beneficial." 
Furnell emphasised the significance of their industry mentor, Associate Professor Wallace Bridge, in contributing to unique and specific knowledge and access to resources that would otherwise have been unavailable to them.  
"The Peter Farrell Cup was so much more than a competition; it is a safe place to learn and to fail.  It really reassured I can apply my skills in a practical way.” 
The Peter Farrell Cup is a unique UNSW Founders program offering participants the necessary tools, skills, guidance and support to take their ideas from an initial light bulb moment to test and pitch, and potentially launch a real business!   

Applications for the 2020 program are now open.