Peter Farrell Cup celebrates 20 years with problems big and small set be tackled

The top 50 teams have been shortlisted to participate in the 20th Peter Farrell Cup (PFC) where they will compete for $20,000 prize money. As always the problems being addressed are diverse. This year is no exception with the focus ranging from HR tech and drone technology to sustainability and health. And the audiences being targeted, also broad in nature, include children, students and the aging population demonstrating the commitment of our student and HDR teams to solve challenges being faced by the wider community. 

First up, all shortlisted teams will partake in a bootcamp to build knowledge and gain insight into the key areas required to take an idea to a successful startup. The PFC framework also offers participants bespoke programs run by UNSW Founders, and supported by industry, matched to their specific business model and prototyping need.

We wish this year’s cohort the best of luck and hope they follow in the footsteps of 2019 winners who have enjoyed major startup eco-system success with the first placed team P2X being accepted into Startmate’s sustainability accelerator, and second placed team Aurora, into HCF Catalyst.