Team Hexperts wins the Circular Economy Hackathon



It was a fantastic weekend of excitement and innovation at the MCIC thanks to the Circular Economy Hackathon.

Students were tasked with finding a solution to the challenge:

“How might we re-design products and services in the fashion and textile industry that reduce waste and negative impacts for our planet in order to build economic, natural and social capital?”


With such a fresh and new topic in Hackathons, there was a strong attendance of 68 students! Specifically, it was thrilling to see 17 students from our fellow Art and Design Campus actively joining, which is a 200% increase on previous Hacks. Although this Hackathon focused on Fashion & Textiles, students from Science, Engineering, Arts & Social Sciences, Law and Art & Design were all in participation!

Thanks to expertise of our mentors and judges within the Fashion and Textile industries, students were definitely intrigued to discover the number of solutions they were able to create. Check out the full list of mentors and judges here.

Although there was an array of solutions, it was Team Hexperts placing 1st, with their idea of making school uniforms out of hemp which could then be re-used into a new product after use! These students also came from various degrees of Engineering and Arts, demonstrating the significant of diversity.


Full List of Winners:

2nd place: Team Revive - repurposing corporate uniforms to other forms of clothing, furniture and materials.

3rd place: Team Re-shirt - Washable inks on event-based tee-shirts to be reused for other merchandise and purposes.

People's Choice: Team Infinite Clothing - reusing knitted items to create new things.


Team Hexperts with Ross Harler, Dean of UNSW Art and Design


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