UNSW Founders launches new full credit entrepreneurship course

Summer break just took on a whole new level of creativity with the launch a new course GENE1500 Creative Entrepreneurship (6 units of credit) for undergraduate students. Designed and delivered by the UNSW Entrepreneurship team in partnership with UNSW Engineering, this hands on, highly practical experience will see students form teams and collaborate to identify, analyse and propose a solution to an unsolved global challenge.

Delivered digitally, the course will draw on the expertise of the UNSW Entrepreneurship team, along with high profile guest lecturers from both the local and global startup eco-system including Investible co-founder Trevor Folsom and Silicon Valley entrepreneur and chief evangelist of Canva, Guy Kawasaki.

Other activities outside of the classroom include a Pitch Fest Showcase, where the top six teams will be invited to pitch their idea to a panel of experts for a share in $10,000 worth of prizes.  Teams will also be introduced to an experienced startup coach to accelerate and amplify their success.

GENE1500 Creative Entrepreneurship is not for the faint heart. It’s for those willing to jump in, take action, deal with inevitable obstacles and unanticipated consequences and find work arounds, forming a team and getting smarter collectively. Sharing ideas, learnings, and self-reflection. Ultimately, it’s about thinking, being and behaving like an entrepreneur.

Find out more here.  Enrol now for summer term here.