10x Startups Wow Investors at Demo Night

11 startups from Founders 10x Accelerator and the Health 10x stream pitched Wednesday night to a packed crowd of investors and ecosystem players at the Powerhouse Museum.

Over 300 people turned out to hear 11 founders pitch their startup's solution to a diverse range of problems including diabetes, heart failure and consumer access to sustainably sourced products.

UNSW Vice Chancellor Professor Ian Jacobs was on hand to welcome guests and reflect on the success that many of our startups have achieved. He told the audience that "the Founders Program, and 10x in particular, is representative of UNSW's vision to have a positive impact on society- locally, nationally and globally."

Reflecting on his 10x experience, Dr Romaric Bouveret, co-founder of Attoquest said "it was a privilege to present our solution, ideas and vision to a theatre packed with entrepreneurs, industry and university leaders…I got a dozen of messages the following day, including from someone going to India next week and offering to talk about our work to NGOs. Since Demo Night I also received an invitation to pitch at the biggest start up conference in Australia in 3 weeks. Demo Night was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the end of the UNSW 10X program. What a night. The positive energy is in the room was contagious!"


Vanessa from Yellowbox pitches their smart locker

This was the fourth Demo Night held by UNSW Founders, with the event growing in size each time. Dr Elizabeth Eastland, Director of Entrepreneurship at UNSW said "in the room on Wednesday night, we had 16 venture capital investors representing over $2.8 billion in funds under management. That the VC community would show out in such force for Demo Night speaks to the quality of the startups pitching and to reputation for picking winners that Founders 10x has been able to build."

It was also the culmination of a pilot initiative, Health 10x; a collaboration between UNSW Founders and The George Institute for Public Health to deliver an accelerator stream specifically for health startups developing solutions for non-communicable diseases in the developing world. After this successful pilot, both UNSW and The George are thrilled to announce that Health 10x has received an Incubator Support Grant from the Commonwealth government, allowing the program to run again in 2020.


More about 10x Cohort 4

givvable is an online platform where businesses can find and purchase from sustainable suppliers that align with their strategic goals.


Aerofiler is a SaaS platform that enables in-house lawyers to drag and drop all their signed contracts into a web browser, and receive searchable metadata extracted with lawyer-level accuracy.


NumuWorld is an app that enables retail businesses to reward their customers who promote their business through their personal social media accounts. Numu differs from other reward apps by offering their customers flexible promotional opportunities as well as visibibility over who and when someone posts about their business. 


Evidentli empowers hospitals to turn their real-world data into knowledge, so doctors always have the latest evidence they need to provide the best care. 


Bio-Sens Tech has developed breakthrough technology that enables early diagnosis of diabetes and helps manage existing cases better. Our solution is easy to use, low cost and non-invasive; saliva is collected on a paper strip using sample collection device and the insulin level is detected using a mobile app.


Babblestack is a platform that enables organisations to manage, measure and track customer interactions across 12 digital messaging channels, including Facebook Messenger, TwitterDM, WeChat, WhatsApp, website chat and Amazon Alexa. With Babblestackorganisations are able to provide timely, personalised customer service at a cost 8x cheaper than servicing a customer on the phone. 


Kintell is The Global Knowledge Network, a new way of getting independent advice. It is a peer-to-peer app that connects people looking for advice with those qualified to give it, via paid or Pro Bono video consultations.


BeacoHealth have developed the world's first completely automated, body turning device which prevents pressure ulcers suffered by bedridden patients and reduces injury caused by the manual turning process currently used. 


Yellowbox is a network of smart-lockers users can hire on demand using the yellowbox app. Found in shopping centres, night clubs, beaches and train stations, users can open up a live map of available lockers, reserve and open through the app, store, and go on their adventure! 


AttoQuest is a UNSW spin-off company established to take discoveries from state-of-the-art research facilities to the field, to impact and improve health globally. We developed a fast, simple and sensitive technology for early and rapid diagnostic testing of infectious diseases. 


CardioBionic is developing inexpensive Heart Assist Devices to help the 9 Million people that die every year from heart failure. Our technology is scalable, low power, portable and low cost.



Applications are now open for 10x Accelerator Cohort 5, kicking off in January 2020. Applications close 24 November 2019 and will be assessed as they come in, so applicants are encouraged to apply early. For more information about applying, please visit the 10x Accelerator page here.