Health 10x Hackathon teams tackle diabetes, cancer & heart disease with innovative solutions

Last weekend saw teams from UNSW and the George Institute collaborate intensely over three days to deliver innovative solutions for global health issues such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. 

Teams were tasked with creating a viable product that aimed to produce alternative health solutions to combat against non-communicable diseases in developing countries. 

Team Go A Go Go took out the first prize of $3,000 cash for their product, a Diabetes plate, developed to assist women in Malawi to educate their families about nutritional portion sizes to manage type 2 diabetes and prevent onset in future generations. 


List of Winners 

First place - $3000 cash prize: 

Team Go A Go Go - Philippa Butt, Jackie Rabec, Zhen Li, Jessica Gong 

A Diabetes plate aimed educate Mawalian families about proper dietary & portion control. 


Second place - $1000 in grants for materials and 6 weeks technology/design support: 

Team Innovative Care - Aria Ahmed-Cox, Xi Zhao, Jack Shi, Kapil Khatsi, Ashish Kumar Chopra  

Respiratory masks for Indian miners: Breathe for life. 


Third place - Access to mentoring sessions with Program Manager for Health 10x Accelerator: 

Team Cardio Care - Luka Olic, Daniel Bairamian,  David Bairamian, Hyun Kim, Suyin Kee 

An app that inputs cardio-respiratory information into documents used to prioritise and manage patient information. 


We'd like to thank all attendees, participants and winners for an exciting weekend! 

Although our Health Hackathon is over, we have just launched applications for our Health 10x Accelerator! Check out for more information!