Software to promote green infrastructure expansion in urban areas wins New Wave Showcase

Linda Romanovska, Isabella Notarpietro, Kathy Liu, and Vicky Wei’s startup Natureval took out the top prize at the UNSW Founders New Wave Showcase. 

Meeting for the first time in the program a few weeks ago, the team collaborated to help commercialise Linda’s PhD findings and develop a user-friendly, adaptable and evidence-based software which evaluates and quantifies the environmental, social and economic benefits of urban green infrastructure to support public and private sector decision-making.

While nature in the city is highly beneficial it remains severely undervalued, says UNSW Built Environment PhD candidate, Linda Romanovska. “I joined the UNSW Founders New Wave program to explore the viability of transforming my research into a feasible product and/or service to help urban developers worldwide.”

UNSW Founders New Wave helps women from the UNSW community to build entrepreneurial skills and launch new women-led startups.  In this last cohort, 36 women, formed 11 teams, and were supported by 14 industry-leading mentors, to collaborate in a two-week incubator learning essential entrepreneurial skills from design thinking and branding, to user journeys and pitching. 

“I was completely inspired by the strength, intelligence and resilience of this last cohort who participated in our first fully digitally delivered program”, says New Wave Program Manager, Kristen Phillips.

The other winner on the night was People’s Choice Award recipient, Travelify. Founders Leila IIarrull, Dhriti Narsey, Shruthi Sasidaran and Sally Wang designed the digital buddy to provide travellers with access to key information on their country destination enabling a seamless and personalised travel experience.

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